Advice from the Hazlewoods Manufacturing and Engineering Team can help well-run companies with the right products and skill sets to prosper in the UK and overseas.

Much has been spoken in recent years about the ‘decline’ of manufacturing in the UK. At Hazlewoods we know this is not the case. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to understand the issues you face, and identify the factors that will drive your success. It is all part of our commitment to work Tax planningwith you to build your future; to offer more than the usual accountancy services.

Accounting and audit

We are comfortable with preparing your accounts and, where necessary, performing audit services in a constructive and efficient manner.

Group reporting

For subsidiaries of larger groups, we can work alongside auditors to provide non-audit services, such as financial reporting and tax compliance.

Tax planning

We advise you on capital allowance planning, R&D tax credits and the new ‘patent box’ regime. We can also ensure that the tax affairs of the company and its owners are in order.

Costing methodology reviews 

Stock costing can have a real impact on your business. We can ensure that your stock costing methods are appropriate, efficient and provide meaningful and accurate data.

Variance reporting

Despite the best management, things can still go wrong, and often it can be difficult to determine where the problem is. We can help to devise variance reporting systems that allow you to identify where inefficiencies and overruns are costing you money.

Raising finance

If you need funding to buy that vital piece of equipment, launch a new product or provide working capital, our contacts and experience will help you to find an appropriate source of funds.


  • Accounting, audit and tax
  • Cash flow and working capital forecasts
  • Capital allowance planning
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Patent box tax planning
  • Stock costing and variance reporting reviews
  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Assistance with financing/refinancing
  • VAT and duty advice
  • International services
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