Ensuring efficient compliance in uncertain times

Our specialist team provides a friendly service, drawing on our extensive experience of both investment trusts and listed companies. We provide technical advice in relation to accounting and disclosures matters that is tailored to your business. 

Understanding you

The audit of investment trusts includes the identification of key risks:

Whether it is for valuations of unquoted investments or listed valuations, the investment portfolio forms a key focus of our audit.

Maintaining investment trust status for tax purposes is a significant risk for investment trusts.  

Under the AIC Sorp investment trusts can elect to apply an allocation approach by either:

  • apportioning indirect costs between revenue and capital; or
  • a non-allocation approach, allocating all indirect costs to revenue.

How can we help you?

We understand the need for investment trusts to receive an efficient compliance service in accordance with the ethical standards.

Audit for investment trusts

Our work and experience with investment trusts’ advisers allows us to achieve an efficient, seamless audit compliance service. 

Comprehensive and collaborative planning before your year-end ensures your audit will run smoothly and to agreed timescales. 

Tax for investment trusts

For investment trusts where we are not engaged for audit compliance services, we are able and do provide tax compliance services, including tagging of financial statements and submission of tax computations to HM Revenue & Customs.

Making a difference 

The standard of our work is maintained through external regulation by the ICAEW and inspection by the Audit Inspection Unit, along with detailed training from top quality providers for our technical staff. The FRC Audit Quality Review is delegated to the Quality Assurance Directorate of the ICAEW.

Our audit findings report provides  you with a concise summary plus any points of significance that we believe should be highlighted to management including:

  • any updates in accounting standards; or
  • noted opportunities in systems and controls.

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