To deliver payroll services that suit your requirements, our payroll team work with you and adopt a flexible approach tailored to your business.

The cost savings of outsourcing your payroll management are clear, but the efficiency and ease of working with our professional and dynamic team may come as a pleasant surprise.

How can we help you?

Dedicated team members are on hand to help you wherever we can.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Dedicated team of professionals, including specialist onboarding team
  • Comprehensive suite of payroll, payments and pension administration services
  • Auto enrolment compliance
  • BACS payments as required
  • Interactive electronic payslips via Paydashboard
  • Cloud based payroll analytics
  • Accurate, on-time processing
  • Tailor-made Excel workbooks allowing easy transfer of payroll components
  • Support for accounting journals relating to payroll

Helping you achieve your goals

 We will work with you to deliver the services you need, in a way that complements your business. 

Whether it's small business payroll services, or comprehensive payroll management, we combine years of experience and specialist knowledge to provide you with a quality payroll service.

Our bureau is BACS approved and we can assist you with all payroll related payments.


The employer dashboard and interactive payslip have arrived

Safe and secure online access to your payslip and payroll reports 24/7.  

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Testimonial from Jon Pickles

"We use Hazlewoods for all payrolls within our group and are delighted with the payroll team’s responsiveness, helpfulness and efficiency."

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Tony Flambard
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Cheryl Baker
Payroll Solutions Associate Director
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