Accounting Solutions update: Streamline your workflow with Xero and Hubdoc

Published: Monday 15 March 2021

Repeated admin tasks around companies’ financial affairs takes time, is prone to human error and detracts from core business. Using cloud-based accountancy software such as Xero, increases efficiency, and with the integration of Hubdoc, it will take you one step closer to achieving data entry free accounting. 

Hubdoc creates efficiencies by gathering key financial information automatically from uploaded documents. Using powerful OCR (optical character recognition) technology, Hubdoc is able to analyse key financial documents, identify and auto populate pertinent data and synchronise with the accounting system, subsequently removing the need for manual data entry.

The workflow between Xero and Hubdoc is now easier than ever, with the added ability to navigate directly from Hubdoc to the corresponding transaction in Xero.

All documents published to Xero from Hubdoc now have a link in Hubdoc under the 'publish details' section, which allows you to click directly through to the transaction in Xero.

This new functionality is particularly useful for those who capture a bill within Hubdoc and then like to pay it straight away. You can navigate directly from the capture in Hubdoc to the bill in Xero and mark it as paid there and then.

Xero and Hubdoc are working hard to deepen the integration between the two products, so watch this space!

For more information on Hubdoc and other accounting software, please contact Kate Edginton in our Accounting Solutions team at or call 01242 680000. You can also view our latest accounting solutions updates on social media, by following our Hazlewoods Facebook page here.

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