Hazlewoods Magazine: Exploring sustainable business in today's world

Published: Thursday 18 October 2018


It is always inspiring to hear about others' successes; I hope you enjoy reading the stories in our new magazine. The theme of our first edition is building sustainable business, and inside we have six clients who have kindly agreed to share their experiences with us. These are all very different businesses, from start-up to long-established, but they all share a common cause – to grow, prosper and find their version of success.


As well as this, we have some news and updates from our own business. We celebrate our centenary in 2019; 100 years’ service to clients and community, and all based in Cheltenham from the start, so we have a big year coming up. As part of this, we will be increasing our efforts with local charitable causes, and would be really pleased to hear from anyone who knows a local good cause where we could help to make a difference.


Many thanks to all of our contributors, and we hope you enjoy what follows.

Jon Cartwright, Partner