Hazlewoods Magazine: Business for Tomorrow

Published: Tuesday 21 July 2020

It has been quite remarkable to see the perseverance, determination and sheer indomitable spirit in those we work with, and those within our own business too, over the last few months.

We have all had to make decisions quickly and adapt without much time for thought. There are great positives to be taken from this, albeit forced, approach, and many businesses have used the experience to make changes that would have previously been seen as very brave, too brave maybe – but not now.

Practically no-one saw any of this coming, and yet some have managed to successfully pull off a re-modelling of their businesses, in response to poor prospects for some months if they didn’t. 

What many businesses have managed to achieve over the last few months really has been nothing short of incredible. In this edition we interview five business leaders, covering a variety of topics, and we hope you find their views and thoughts interesting to read.

Hazlewoods has been fully open for business throughout, and whilst I would not normally say anything like this in an open forum, we could not have asked for any more from our staff so a big, public, thank you to everyone.

Therefore, whilst our 101st year in business has had some different features so far, nothing has changed in our desire to provide top quality advice and support, from people you know and trust.

With all best wishes for the success of your plans over the coming months, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.